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          Our audio-systems bring unprecedented sound to your home, drawing you in to your favourite film or song like never before. We care about the design of every product, so it can perfectly fit into any household and make you a proud owner. Sencor offers practical wireless speakers, Microsystems, earphones, radio clocks and turntables. We produce all products with functionality, design and quality sound on our mind.


          Bluetooth technology lets you play your favorite music wirelessly from your phone, tablet or computer. The guarantee of clean and stable listening is the use of the latest Bluetooth chips.
          Bluetooth Speakers
          <strong>Digital sound processor</strong>
          Digital sound processor
          DSP sets new standards for cleanliness, dynamism and sound quality. The digital audio processor processes and enhances the playback track by enriching certain frequencies and bringing the sound closer to the original.
          <strong>Digital sound processor</strong>

           <strong>True Wireless Stereo</strong>
          True Wireless Stereo
          TWS is a technology that lets you stream music from your phone to two speakers at the same time. True Wireless Stereo separates right and left channels for more vivid music.
          <strong>True Wireless Stereo</strong>
          <strong>Digital Audio Broadcasting</strong>
          Digital Audio Broadcasting
          With DAB + tuner, you can receive digital radio that delivers cleaner and better reception with a wider genre range.
          DAB+ Radio
          <strong>Digital Audio Broadcasting</strong>
          Waterproof Speakers
          Speakers with IP X5 and IP X7
          <strong>Waterproof Speakers</strong><br />
Speakers with IP X5 and IP X7
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