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          Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

          Highly efficient motors and the Cyclone system for perfect dust & air separation. Those are the basic reasons why Sencor vacuum cleaners are the favourite clean-up companions. Available in a range of colourful variations.



          Radius of operation
          Bag/container capacity
          Turbo brush
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          SVC 1086TQ
          Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
          4AAAA ECO Power for Excellent Cleaning Performance on Any Surface. Multi Cyclone Technology - Lasting Performance with No Loss of Suction. Clean Air HEPA H13 Filter Ensures Top Filtration Suitable for Allergy Sufferers.
          2799.00 € More information
          SVC 1080TI
          Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
          4AAAA ECO Power for Excellent Cleaning Performance on Any Surface. Complete Care with Accessories for Best Results with Any Task Around Home-Pets-Car.
          SVC 1030
          Bagless vacuum cleaner
          6-YEAR WARRANTY on the motor, Turbo-nozzle + special mini-turbo-nozzle at 29 EUR FREE OF CHARGE.
          SVC 730
          SVC 730x
          Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
          Very efficient 800W ECO motor. Cyclone System for perfect separation of dust from air.
          SVC 51
          SVC 51x
          Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
          New 4th Generation Cyclone system perfectly separates dust from the air, capturing more dust already at the 1st level of filtration, thereby saving the H.E.P.A. filter.
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