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          A stand mixer is much more than just a cream soup maker or fruit cocktail maker. The top-class Sencor models can also make fruit & vegetable smoothies and process nuts and cereals. They are great for making raw food and serve well as an amateur chef companion.



          Whisk attachment
          Container material
          Continuous control
          Container capacity
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          SBU 8850NP
          Super Blender
          I'm a SUPER high-performance blender from Sencor with an output of 2000W and 33,000 rpm. My significant power enables me to achieve high speeds in a few seconds and release substances from nuts, seeds and cereals that are difficult to extract for the body and are very beneficial for your health. 
          SBU 7730BK
          Super Blender
          Sencor® Nutri Smart Blending Technology for Perfect Results. Transform Whole, Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds, and other Superfoods into Supreme Liquid Power for your Body.
          SBU 787
          SBU 787x
          Automatic Vacuum Super Blender
          Blending and Storage in the Vacuum Keeps the Maximum of Nutrients, Fresh Taste and Inhibates Growth of Microorganisms and Toxin Formation.
          SBL 4870WH
          Powerful 800W Motor, Ideal for Making Soups, Baby Food, Sauces, Milkshakes and Other Meals.
          SBL 327
          SBL 327x
          Ideal for making soups, baby food, sauces, cocktails and other meals, Glass blending jug with 0.8-litre capacity.
          SBL 4371
          600 W Power, 1,5 l Glass Mixing Jar, 2 Speed.
          SBL 4370
          500 W Power, 1,5 l Glass Mixing Jar, 2 Speed.
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