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          Car Speakers

          Two-way or four-way speakers and high quality subwoofer. That's a setup that can give quality sound to virtually any type of car. Indulge yourself in quality music experiences, even when on the move.



          Speaker diameter
          Maximum power output
          Rated power output
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          SCS WA1203
          Active Subwoofer
          Woofer Diameter 30 cm (12"), Max. Peak Output Power 600 W
          SCS WA1003
          Active Subwoofer
          Woofer Diameter 25 cm (10"), Max. Peak Output Power 400 W
          SCS BX6902
          4-Band Car Speakers
          6"x 9" Oval, Dimension (165x235 mm), Maximum Power 105W
          SCS BX1602
          2-Band Car Speakers
          6.5"/17 cm in Diameter, Maximum Power 90W
          SCS BX1302
          2-Band Car Speakers
          5.25"/13 cm in Diameter, Maximum Power 75W
          SCS BX1002
          2-Band Car Speakers
          4"/10 cm in Diameter, Maximum Power 60W
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