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          Coffee Making

          Freshly made coffee makes a perfect start to the day. Sencor offers everything you need to transform your kitchen to a thriving coffee house. In the morning, or whenever else you feel like a delicious cup of coffee. You can go for a classic pump espresso machine and become a home barista, or perhaps you will prefer the fully automatic espresso machines with all the knowledge and craft already pre-programmed and ready to make great coffee with just a press of a button. However, Sencor also has something for lovers of the classic strong filter coffee. And because coffee is the best when freshly ground, we offer a whole range of coffee grinders.


           Easy & Automatic
          Easy & Automatic
          An espresso machine is a dominant of even the smallest kitchen. Sencor machines feature compact dimensions (180 mm width), as well as a clean, purposeful design and quality materials. The LED touch panel makes it even easier to use, while other advantages include practical features such as easy cleaning and dishwasher-compatibility.
          Easy & Automatic
          Modern Coffee Making
          Modern Coffee Making
          The boiler, pump and the brewing unit make up the heart of the espresso machine. The thermoblock heating system, with the 19 Bar pump and the efficient pre-brewing system for fuller taste, make it possible to have your first coffee ready in just 42 seconds. Even a seasoned barista would find it hard to challenge that kind of speed. The practical features such as cup size memory or extra lighting, are just further proof of the excellent quality of Sencor espresso machines.
          Espresso Machines
          Modern Coffee Making
          Automatic Espresso?
          Slim and compact size
          Pump pressure of 19 bar
          <strong>Automatic Espresso?</strong><br />
Slim and compact size<br />
Pump pressure of 19 bar
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