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          A proper large cup of coffee that can really wake you up. Coffee for the entire family. That's filter coffee. Always hot, always ready, made in a classic coffee maker (which can also do much more).



          Water indicator
          Anti-drip system
          Kettle material
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          SCE 7000BK
          Coffee Maker
          Built-in Coffee Grinder (200 g), LCD Display with Functions, Ideal for Brewing 12 Cups of Coffee at Once.
          SCE 5070BK
          Coffee Maker
          I am the SCE 5070 BK Sencor coffee machine and I can even prepare 15 cups of coffee or delicious tea at the same time with a capacity of 1.5 liters.  I am dressed in elegant black with a stainless steel accessory in which an LCD display is placed.
          SCE 3700BK
          Coffee Maker
          Enjoy great coffee and tea with me! I can prepare up to 6 cups of fragrant coffee or tea at the same time with a capacity of 0.75 l, so that you can easily accommodate a larger visit or leave me just for your coffee or tea moments. 
          SCE 5000
          SCE 5000x
          You will enjoy a lot of delicious coffee with me. I am the SCE 5000 coffee machine and my big advantage is the large volume of 2.1 liters.
          SCE 3050SS
          I am the Sencor SCE 3050 coffee machine  and I will prepare 12 cups of excellent coffee at a time as my  volume is a wonderful 1.25 liters. Delight even an unexpected visit with fresh coffee or fragrant tea. I can also prepare other hot drinks to taste. 
          SCE 2000
          SCE 2000x
          Coffee Maker
          I am exactly what you need for fast and easy preparation of your favorite drip coffee. I have the perfect size that fits perfectly into smaller spaces. I prepare excellent drip coffee and the popular tea at the touch of a button.
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