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          Multi-purpose Vacuum Cleaners

          The top-class multi-purpose vacuum cleaners from Sencor feature the option of dry cleaning, as well as wet cleaning suitable for upholstered furniture and etc. You can also opt for 2in1 vacuum cleaner - a combination of a classic and bagless vacuum cleaner.



          Radius of operation
          Window washing nozzle
          Turbo brush
          Bag/container capacity
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          SVC 500
          SVC 500x
          Multifunctional Wet&Dry Vacuum Cleaner
          Complete Care + Wet&Dry with Accessories for Best Results on any Task Around Home-Pets-Car. 6-YEAR WARRANTY on the motor.
          SVC 3001 ORCA
          Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
          No matter whether the dirt is dry or wet, coarse or fine, Wet & Dry multipurpose SENCOR vacuum cleaners will remove any dirt. Thanks to the extra-large capacity of the 30-litre container, they can easily handle larger amounts of water as well.
          SVC 900-EUE3
          Bagged & Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
          Variable system 2 in 1, Very efficient 700W ECO motor. Clean Air Ensured by HEPA H13 Filter Suitable for Allergy Sufferers.
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