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          Premium design

          All of these cutting-edge appliances are also beautiful designer items. They look great in any kitchen and harmonise the décor. Simply put, they make any place and any one look great. Technological innovation and design go hand-in-hand.
          STM 787
          STM 787x
          Stand mixer
          Extremely powerful 1,000W motor with 6-year warranty, Robust full-metal body with metal gears, 3-hub design.
          7999.00 € More information
          STM 446
          STM 446x
          Multi-function Food Processor
          Extremely powerful 1,000W motor with 4 hubs. Salad maker with all the function of stand mixer. Sencor Smart Power & Energy – for optimal speed.
          SBU 787
          SBU 787x
          Automatic Vacuum Super Blender
          Blending and Storage in the Vacuum Keeps the Maximum of Nutrients, Fresh Taste and Inhibates Growth of Microorganisms and Toxin Formation.
          SBL 717
          SBL 717x
          Automatic Smoothie Maker
          My power can be utilized in two programs. A lot of effort  was also put into my design! I will complement any interior with nine metallic colors, which makes every inch of me beautiful. 
          SHB 560x-EUE3
          SHB 560x-EUE3
          4 in 1 Hand Blender
          6-YEAR WARRANTY for Motor. TITANIUM QuadBlade Technology. Power Input 1200 W.
          STS 605
          STS 605x
          Electric Toaster
          Premium metallic design, 2 slots for making two slices (length 135 mm). Toaster rack for warming and crispening buns.
          SWK 177
          SWK 177x
          Electric Kettle
          Premium Quality Stainless Steel Insure Durability, Volume of 1,7 l, Power input 2150 W.
          SWK 122
          SWK 122x
          Electric Kettle
          Premium Quality Stainless Steel Insure Durability, Volume 1.2l, Power input 2150 W.
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