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          Deep Fryers

          When craving home-made French fries, burgers, fried chicken or sweet muffins, Sencor deep fryers become the ideal companion. Additionally, the hot air fryers can make your favourite "fried" meals in a healthier environment, without a single drop of oil.



          Volume of frying basket
          Container capacity
          Container Surface
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          SFR 9300BK
          Multifunctional Fryer
          Multifunction deep fryer with 18 functions
          SFR 5400WH
          Multifunction Vita Fryer
          I'm a multifunctional deep fryer that works with hot air. I can handle countless food products without added oil. The meals I make have a perfect, authentic taste with almost half the fat content of fried ones. What is the result? I can make quick and in many ways healthier meals and because I am multifunctional, I can also cook a whole chicken or a great homemade cake. 
          3499.00 € More information
          SFR 5320WH
          Vita Fryer
          I'm the Sencor SFR 5320WH hot air deep fryer. I make delicious fried and non-fried foods without you having to add a drop of grease. I use hot air circulation technology and prepare all meals evenly. Meals taste just like fried food, but they are a lot healthier!
          SFR 3220WH
          Vita Fryer
          I can prepare your favorite fried foods with just a teaspoon of oil or completely without it. The food is evenly cooked thanks to the hot air circulation technology as well as being delicious and healthy. 
          SFR 8200SS
          Deep fryer
          Lid with a viewing window for full food frying control. 5 preset programs for easy use. 3.2-litre capacity / 1.4 kg of French fries
          SFR 7200SS
          Deep fryer
          Lid with a viewing window for full food frying control. Adjustable temperature control from 130 °C to 190 °C. 3.2-litre capacity / 1.4 kg of French fries.
          SFR 6200SS
          Deep fryer
          Lid with a viewing window for full food frying control. Adjustable temperature control from 130 °C to 190 °C. 1.5-litre capacity / 600 g of French fries.
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