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          Back to Food Mixers

          Food Mixer Accessories

          Perfect lasagne, tagliatelle or linguine, salads for family occasions made in just minutes, or slow juicer extensions. Choose from a wide range of accessories and additions for Sencor food mixers.


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          STX 001
          Pasta maker - Lasagne
          9 Different Dough Thicknesses
          STX 002
          Pasta maker - Tagliatele
          For Preparing Homemade Tagliatelle (Flat Pasta 7 mm Wide)
          STX 003
          Pasta maker - Linguine
          For Preparing Homemade Linguine (Flat Pasta 1.5 mm Wide)
          STX 004
          Special Grater
          Special Grater and Slicer for Fruit and Vegetables
          STX 005
          Slow Juicer
          Slow Juicing Retains Most Vitamins and Minerals
          STX 006
          Cookie maker
          STX 007
          Value Pack to STM 377x
          Value Pack - Slicer and grater, Injected pasta maker, Coffee, Herbs and spices grinder
          STX 008
          Value Pack for STM 635x / STM 787x
          STX 008 value pack comprises of accessories for food processor models STM 635x/STM 787x
          STX 009
          The STX 009 is an accessory for food processor models STM 635x / STM 787x 
          STX 010
          Flexi Beater
          The STX 010 Flexi Beater is an additional accessory for food processor models STM 635x / STM 787x 
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