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          Food Mixers

          Turn the long & hard process of preparing doughs, creams and icings into a enjoyable & fun date. Just you and your food mixer. These modern Sencor companions, equipped with a planetary system of mixing, can handle fluffy foams & creams, while the efficient motors can handle all types of dough. The supplied extensions and available accessories make it easy to make home-made pasta, cookies, salads or meta specialties and home-made sausages. Discover the wide range of mixers and choose a mixer that not only matches your needs, but also matches your style and the colours of your kitchen.

           Multi-purpose mixer
          Multi-purpose mixer
          The planetary kneading, mixing and whipping system is a guarantee that your Sencor food mixer will perfectly process and mix all needed ingredients. Thanks to the bayonet mounting of kneading hooks and whipping whisks, their switching is fast, easy, and their mounting is firm & secure. State-of-the-art features such as variable speed control, slow start & pulse, and LED blending bowl lighting make Sencor food mixers the very best in industry.
          Multi-purpose mixer
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          Food Mixers
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