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          That unique scent of freshly grilled meat and vegetables. Sencor grills will let you enjoy your cooking 365 days a year, at home or even in you backyard. And it's easy & quick.



          Grill type
          Grilling system
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          SBG 6650BK
          Contact Grill
          Exclusive glass design, Non-stick grill plates of 3rd Generation with integrated heating spiral.
          SBG 6231SS
          Intelligent Contact Grill
          Intelligent Setting with LCD Display for Easy Grilling. Automatic Sensors for Ensuring Always Perfect Result. + Extra Smooth Grill Plate for Grilling Vegetable or Side Dish.
          SBG 6031SS
          Intelligent contact gril
          Intelligent setting of 7 programs + manual program for always perfect results. Detachable dishwasher safe grilling plates of 2nd generation with integrated heating spiral. Automatic sensors for thickness measurement and temperature adjustment.
          2999.00 € More information
          SBG 5030BK
          Multi-purpose Contact Grill
          Exclusive glass design, Non-stick grill plates 3rd Generation with integrated heating spiral.
          SBG 106BK
          Tabletop Electric Grill
          Tabletop Electric Grill , deal for year-round grilling both indoors and in the garden
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