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          Health & Lifestyle

          We have only one health and body. Taking care of them is a daily ritual that helps us feel and look good. Sencor offers a range of products from hair clippers and shavers to hair curlers and hair irons to pressure gauges, personal scales, and toothbrushes. Give your body a pleasant treatment, it deserves it. And if you want to do something not only for your health, but also for nature, go to work, to school or just for a trip on our new electric scooter.


           Water-resistant Electric Shavers
          Water-resistant Electric Shavers
          The entire body of the shaver is water-resistant and can comfortably be cleaned under running water. Other advantages include an ultra-silent high-speed motor, light design and long battery life – two hours of charging can provide up to 40 minutes of operation. With a daily 2-minute use, that's almost one month with a single charge.
          Men's Electric Shavers
          Water-resistant Electric Shavers
          Trimming Attachement
          Trimming Attachement
          Selected electric shavers include a trimming attachment, which enables precise beard, chops or moustache trimming.
          Trimming Attachement
          I’m the Sonic Sentry
          of Clean Teeth
          Dental Hygiene
          <strong>I’m the Sonic Sentry</strong><br />
of Clean Teeth<br />
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