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          Hot Air Convectors

          Hot air convectors are popular for their low price and quick & effective heating capabilities. Sencor offers portable heaters (ie. for your patio), as well as home-use convectors. Choose the right one for your needs.



          Maximum power input
          Cool air
          Setup levels
          Show results
          SCF 420
          SCF 420x
          Digital Glass Convector Heater
          IP24 Protection Level – Ideal for Bathrooms, Wifi Control via Phone Application, Week Timer Function.
          2799.00 € More information
          SCF 3200WH
          Digital Convector Heater
          Silent Heating Technology, Mobile Device - the Convector can be placed anywhere, 2 Heating Level Settings - 750/1500 W.
          1799.00 € More information
          SCF 210
          SCF 210x
          Convector Heater
          Mobile device - can be Placed Anywhere, 3 Heating Level Settings - 750/1250/2000 W, Continuously Controllable Thermostat.
          SCF 2003
          3 heating level settings - 750/1250/2000 W
          SCF 2001
          Hot Air Convector
          3 power settings (750 - 1250 - 2000 W)
          SFH 9014
          Ceramic Heater
          PTC heating elements for effective heating. 2 heating level settings - 1300/2500W.
          SFH 8050SL
          Ceramic Heater
          PTC Heating Elements for Effective Heating – Environmentally Friendly and Safe.
          SFH 8019WH
          Ceramic Heater
          PTC Heating Elements for Effective Heating, ECO Energy Saving Function, Fan Driven by DC Motor.
          1999.00 € More information
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