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          Hot Air Fans

          Sencor hot air fans can scare aways the uncomfortable cold chills. You can choose from hot air heaters, ceramic heaters or hot air fans. They all provide quick heating for your office or home.



          Maximum power input
          Cool air
          Setup levels
          Show results
          SFH 7057WH
          Hot Air Fan Heater
          2 Heating Level Settings – 1200/2000 W, Cold Air Function, With 90° Swing Oscillation.
          SFH 702
          SFH 702x
          Teplovzdu?ny ventilátor
          2 úrovně nastavení topného vykonu - 1200/2000W, plynule regulovatelny termostat, funkce studeny vzduch.
          SFH 7017WH
          Hot Air Fan Heater
          2 Heating Level Settings – 1200/2000 W, Continuously Controllable Thermostat, Cold Air Function.
          SFH 601
          SFH 601x
          Hot Air Fan Heater
          Perfect to Warm You Up in Offices and Small Apartments.
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