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          The trick in making perfect fruit or vegetable juice, is using the correct technique when retrieving it. The slow juicers with slow-speed extraction have revolutionised the juice-preparation industry. These machines can cut and squeeze fruit & vegetable with optimal balance and quality.



          Marrow container
          Foam separator
          Filling hole
          Juice jug
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          SSJ 4050NP
          Slow Juicer
          Highly effective juicing, Automatic pulp separation, Pulp container with a capacity of 0.8l.
          SSJ 4070SL
          Slow Juicer
          Do you want juice that lasts longer and is easy to make? A great choice! With this slow juicer, you will get the most out of your favourite ingredients, and will save time as well.
          SSJ 404
          SSJ 404x
          Slow Juicer
          Automatic pulp separation. Pulp container with a capacity of 0.8 l. Stainless steel filtration microstrainer.
          SJE 5050SS
          SENCOR’s most powerful centrifugal juicer. And it’s from the Nutriline series. Wide feed tube (75 mm) for comfortable filling, digital control with LCD display.
          SJE 105
          SJE 105x
          Stainless steel finish for easy and hygienic maintenance. Automatic pulp separation.
          SJE 741SS
          Wide feed tube (65 mm) for comfortable filling, automatic pulp separation.
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