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          MP3/MP4 Players

          Smartphones are growing bigger, while MP3 and MP4 players are making a comeback. A small player can be your perfect companion for running, working out or other activities where size & weight matters.



          LCD size
          Card slot
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          SFP 6270
          MP3/MP4 Player 8 GB
          1,8"(4,57 cm) LCD Full-Color Display, MP3, WAV Playback and Plays Video AVI, Photos JPEG, Text TXT
          SFP 5870
          SFP 5870
          MP3/MP4 Player 8 GB with FM Radio
          1,8" TFT LCD Full-Color Display, Plays Music (MP3, WMA), Video, Photos, Text
          SFP 3608
          SFP 3608
          MP3 Player 8 GB
          SENCOR SFP 3608 MP3 player with 8 GB internal memory and a Micro SD card slot
          sfp 2608
          sfp 2608
          MP3 Player 8 GB
          MP3 player with 8 GB internal memory, possibility of using the MP3 player as a USB disc, supports both MP3 and WMA file formats.
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