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          Pedestal Fans

          Do you like a unique design or do you prefer a classic look? Sencor offers both.
          Stylish & standard ventilators are both faultless at fulfilling their primary task - creating an airstream that you will enjoy in the hot summer months as well as in other times of the year.



          Vertical tilting
          Horizontal rotation
          Fan diameter
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          SFN 5040BL
          Pedestal Fan
          Ultra thin design (90 mm), 3 speeds for each fan (independent).
          SFN 5200WH
          Pedestal Fan
          Reliable and Quiet BLDC motor, High Quality Housing, Fan Blade Diameter of 40 cm.
          1999.00 € More information
          SFN 4070WH
          Pedestal and Table Fan
          3-in1 Function: Stand Fan, Stand Table Fan and Table Fan, High Quality Housing Fan Blade Diameter of 40 cm.
          1599.00 € More information
          SFN 4060WH
          2-in-1 Pedestal Cooling Fan
          2-in-1 Functions: - Pedestal Cooling Fan, Table/Sofa Adjacent Fan. High Quality Design, Fan Blade Diameter of 40 cm.
          SFN 4080WH
          Metal Pedestal Fan
          High Quality Metal Housing with Real Wood, Fan Blade Diameter of 40 cm, Adjustable Height from 120 cm to 133 cm.
          SFN 4040SL
          Metal Pedestal Fan
          Fan blade diameter of 40 cm. High quality chromed metal housing. Unique fan blade design for silent operation and maximum power.
          1499.00 € More information
          SFN 4031BK
          Pedestal Fan
          3 Speed Levels, Fan Blade Diameter of 40 cm, Automatic Horizontal 90° Oscillation with Turn-off Option.
          SFN 4047WH
          Pedestal Fan
          3 speed levels, Fan blade diameter of 40 cm, Automatic horizontal 90° oscillation with turn off option.
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