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          Pump Espresso Machines

          ‘Mano’ means hands. Your hands. Those are the only hands that can make the coffee you truly love. With Sencor pump espresso machines, you can become a real barista right inside your home and adjust every coffee to your current taste and mood.



          Swivel Steam Wand
          Cup warmer
          Capsule use
          Coffee grinder
          Espresso type
          Show results
          SES 4900SS
          Espresso Machine
          Boiler Heating System. Pre-Brew Function. Swivel Steam Wand.
          2999.00 € More information
          SES 4050SS
          Semi-automatic espresso machine
          20 Bar Pump for Perfect Coffee, Boiler Heating Systém with Thermoblock, Excessivly Fast Preheating
          SES 4040BK
          Semi-automatic espresso machine
          One Touch Espresso, Double Espresso, Cappuccino, Latté, Frothed Milk Program. 20 Bar Pump for Perfect Coffee.
          SES 4010SS
          Espresso Machine
          15 Bar Pump, Boiler Heating System, Stainless Steel Housing.
          SES 1710BK
          Espresso Machine
          15 Bar Pump, Boiler Heating System, Pre-Brew Function.
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