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          Sandwich Makers

          Infinite ingredient combinations, quick preparation and easy controls - those are the basic features of this great kitchen helper. Premium Sencor sandwich makers can also make great waffles and deal with juicy meat.



          Waffle attachment
          Grilling system
          Sandwich shape
          Grill type
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          SSM 9940SS
          Sandwich maker (4in1)

          Prepare sandwiches, grill meat or bake waffles. 4 exchangeable baking plates 285 x 152mm  (triangle-shape sandwich, panini, 2 Extra deep for waffle and square-shape sandwich).

          SSM 9510SS
          Sandwich maker (5in1)

          Prepare sandwiches, grill meat or bake waffles. 5 exchangeable baking plates 137 x 228 mm (square-, triangle-, shell -shape sandwich, panini, waffle).

          SSM 9410SS
          Sandwich maker (3in1)
          Prepare sandwiches, grill meat or bake waffles. 3 exchangeable baking plates 126 x 230 mm (triangle-shape sandwich, panini, waffle).
          SSM 940
          SSM 940x
          3-in-1 Sandwich / Waffle Maker and Grill
          Prepare 4 triangle sandwiches, grill meat or bake waffles, 3 exchangeable baking plates.
          SSM 9300
          Sandwich Maker / Grill / Waffle Maker 3?in?1
          Prepares 4 triangular sandwiches, grilled meat or waffles, 3 removable plates (for toasting sandwiches, grilling, waffle).
          SSM 8700WH
          Sandwich Maker
          Sandwich Maker, prepare 8 triangle sandwiches. Non-stick surface treatment of baking surfaces.
          SSM 422
          SSM 422x
          Sandwich Maker
          Stainless steel design, prepare 2 square-shaped sandwiches.
          SSM 430
          SSM 430x
          Sandwich Maker
          Stainless steel design, prepare 4 triangle sandwiches.
          SSM 3100
          Sandwich Maker
          Sandwich Maker with a Triangular Baking Surface, prepares 4 triangular sandwiches.
          SSM 3120WH
          Sandwich Maker
          Prepares 2 square-shaped sandwiches, easy to clean baking surfaces.
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