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          Steam Irons

          Sencor steam irons with ceramic soleplates for easy and quick fabric ironing. You will surely appreciate the self-cleaning system capable of removing mineral sediments. Available in a range of colourful variations



          Continuous steam
          Steam boost
          Safety switch
          Swivel cord
          Ironing surface
          Vertical steam
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          SSI 0710VT
          Steam station
          Variable temperature and steam control for optimal setting for every type of fabric.
          SSI 9400BK
          Digital steam iron
          Power input 3,100 W. Digital display for setting the most suitable temperature and steam settings for every type of material. Anodized ironing surface with 400 steam outlets ensures perfectly ironed clothing.
          SSI 9000BK
          Steam Iron
          Power Input 2 700 W, Digital Display for Setting the Most Suitable Temperature and Steam for Every Type of Material, Ceramic Soleplate.
          SSI 8710VT
          Steam Iron
          Power Input 2 400 W, Ceramic Soleplate, Detechable Water Tank (Volume 200 ml).
          SSI 844
          SSI 844x
          Steam Iron
          Power input 2200 W, Ceramic ironing surface, Easy to fill transparent water tank (volume 380 ml).
          SSI 7710BL
          Steam Iron
          Power Input 2 400 W, Ceramic Soleplate, Easy to Fill Transparent Water Tank (Volume 300 ml).
          SSI 542
          SSI 542x
          Steam Iron
          Power input 2200W, Ceramic soleplate, Easy to fill transparent water tank (volume 260 ml).
          SSI 202
          SSI 202x
          Steam Iron
          Power input 1600 W, Stainless steel ironing surface, Easy to fill transparent water tank (volume 200 ml).
          SSI 1010GR
          Travel Steam Iron
          Power Input 1085 W, Ceramic Soleplate, Easy to fill Transparent Water Tank.
          SSX 001
          Spare Anticalc
          Spare Anticalc for SSI 0710VT
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