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          The stylish Sencor digital thermometers provide perfect overview of indoor and outdoor temperatures. You can choose from a range of designs and colours, so that the device perfectly fits your household.



          Radio-controlled time
          Outdoor temperature indicator
          Phase of the moon
          Barometric pressure
          Sensor included
          Air humidity
          USB input
          Wireless transfer from sensor
          Wall projection
          Weather forecast for
          Indoor temperature indicator
          Show results
          SWS 2025
          Thermometer with Wireless Sensor
          Indoor / Outdoor Temperature Reading, Max / Min Memory Records
          SWS 1918
          Thermometer with Alarm Clock
          Indoor Temperature Reading, Temperature Trends Indicator, Alarm and Snooze Function
          SWS 1500
          SWS 1500
          Thermometer with Alarm Clock
          Indoor Temperature and Humidity, Digital Time, Calendar, Alarm and Snooze Function
          SWS 212
          Alarm Clock with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature
          Wireless Sensor for Measuring of Outdoor Temperature, Radio Controlled Clock DCF
          SWS 25
          SWS 25
          Wireless Thermometer
          Indoor and Outdoor Temperature, Outdoor Temperature Trend
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