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          Travel Coolers

          Sencor travel coolers are the perfect companions for your long trips & journeys. Heating and cooling features will make sure to keep your drinks and foods in the perfect condition for keeping them fresh.



          Refrigerator capacity
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          SCM 4233BL
          Travel Cooler
          I have a great volume of 33 liters and you can comfortably store nine PET bottles of 1.5 liters or five bottles of 2 liters and still comfortably close the lid! Guys will surely welcome a cold beer on a hot day and food lovers can transport many foods. 
          1999.00 € More information
          SCM 3224BL
          Travel Cooler
          I can hold six PET bottles with a volume of 1.5 l or five 2-liter PET bottles with the lid closed. This is a really good number and I will delight all beer lovers in summer weather or the whole family camping.
          1899.00 € More information
          SCM 2224BL
          Travel Cooler
          Conveniently holds up to six PET bottles of 1.5 l or five 2 l PET bottles with the lid closed. This is a good serving of refreshment with its 24-liter volume. I can't think of anyone who wouldn’t take a fancy to me.
          1799.00 € More information
          SCM 3125
          Travel Cooler
          With closed lid holds up to 6 × 1 l or 4 × 1 l + 2 × 2 l, Cooling capacity up to 16 °C below ambient temperature, ABS battery monitor protects your vehicle battery against discharging.
          SCM 2025
          Travel Cooler
          With closed lid holds up to 6 × 1 l or 4 × 1 l + 2 × 2 l.  Protection against fully discharging the car battery.
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