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          Variable Temperature Electric Kettles

          100 degrees, boiling point, the perfect temperature - but only for some hot drinks. In order to reach the perfect taste, many types of teas and instant drinks require a lower temperature, like hot but not boiling water. That's a perfect task for the Sencor variable temperature electric kettles.



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          SWK 1080SS
          Electric kettle with tea strainer
          Made from High Quality Borosilicate Heatproof Glass. Removable Stainless Steel Tea Basket for Tea Ingredients and Herbs. LED Display inbuild in Base.
          1299.00 € More information
          SWK 1590SS
          Intelligent Water Kettle
          Intelligent Water Kettle, Volume of 1.5L, Made from High Quality Borosilicate Heatproof Glass
          SWK 1796SS
          Variable Temperature Electric Kettle
          Electronic Adjustable Temperature Control (70-80-90-100 °C).
          1499.00 € More information
          SWK 1890SS
          Variable Temperature Electric Kettle
          Variable Temperature Electric Kettle, Volume 1.8 L, Water Temperature Settings: 60/70/80/90/100°C
          SWK 176
          SWK 176x
          Variable Temperature Electric Kettle
          Variable Temperature Electric Kettle, Volume 1.7L, Water Temperature Settings
          SWK 1795SS
          Variable Temperature Electric Kettle
          Heat Water to a Selected Temperature (50-70-80-90-100 °C). Special Lid Cover for Easy Filling.
          SWK 2090BK
          Variable Temperature Electric Kettle
          Variable Temperature Electric Kettle, Volume 2.0 l, Water Temperature Settings: 50-70-80-90-100 °C
          SWK 179
          SWK 179x
          Electric Kettle
          Smart electric kettle with temperature control, 1,7 l. LED display with the current temperature continuously shown
          SWK 219
          SWK 219x
          Variable Temperature Electric Kettle
          Volume 2.0 l,  Maintain temperature for 30 minutes function, Water Temperature Settings: 50-70-80-90-100 °C
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